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joining us. "first look" is up next. another day of debt crisis negotiations sees party leaders move further apart. tabloid trouble -- new allegations in the growing scandal surrounding the empire of media mogul, rupert murdoch. and bench-clearer, a brawl breaks out at a minor league matchup in washington state, good morning, i'm lynn berry, those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with deficit dirty work. another day of high-level debt talks at the white house yesterday. and congressional leaders seem no closer to a compromise deal. however, president obama did add
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a degree of clarity to the seemingly stalled steps to keep the country out of default. ruling out any talk of a stop-gap plan. nbc's kristen dahlgren joins us from washington with more. kristen, good morning. >> good morning, lynn. another day, another meeting, another deadlock on a deal of trying to raise the debt ceiling. they'll try again, meeting again today, but with three weeks to go until the august 2nd deadline, it doesn't seem that they're moving closer. still far apart on the issue of spending cuts and taxes. in a news conference yesterday, the president said he would be willing to put the democratic sacred cows of entitlement like social security and medicare on the table in exchange for the republicans unbending on some tax loopholes, the republicans insisting that any tax increases would be a burden to job creation. they say that is not on the table at all. they continue to look for a
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smaller $2 trillion to $2.5 trillion debt reduction package. the president said now is the time to pull offer the band-aid, now is the time to eat their peas, they'll be meeting again this afternoon. back at the table, have to see if anyone is picking up their fork. last night on "hardball," congresswoman donna edwards, a democrat from maryland, talked to host chris matthews about the debt debate and about what she thinks about republican proposals to cut entitlement programs like medicare and social security. >> we can't have a conversation about seniors and those on disability and poor people having to sacrifice everything, but republicans don't want to ask the wealthiest 2%, the millionaires and billionaires to give up their tax cuts, which are causing the major part of our long-term debts and our deficit the. two wars in iraq and afghanistan, that if we were to draw down earlier for example in afghanistan, would deal with
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long-term debt issues. so let's put those things on the table. corporate loopholes, instead of just turning to the piggy bank of social security and medicare. >> what about medicaid? would you cut that? >> the challenge that we have for medicaid is that we want to make sure that we don't simply shift the burden onto the states, which really can't afford that right now. again the conversations about these entitlement programs, while i find, you know, might be important for us to engage in, we're conflating apples and oranges when it comes to lifting our debt ceiling and dealing with the major causal factors with our long-term debt. >> chris matthews plays "hardball" 5:00 and 7:00 eastern only on msnbc. the place for politics. well, the hits keep on coming for rupert murdoch's embattled media empire. amid allegations that reporters
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at two of his other english newspapers, the "sun" and sunday "times," hacked into the bank account, legal files and medical records of former british prime minister, gordon brown. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: the tab loit "news of the world" is finished, but the allegations keep coming in. british media said former prime minister gordon brown is accusing the sunday "times," another murdoch paper of illegally pursuing private medical and financial information about him and his family. there are also reports that a member of the royal protection guard responsible for the royal family's security sold a list of phone numbers to the "news of the world." >> these things we are hearing are absolutely appalling. and what people need to know i'm determined we'll get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: there are signs that the expanding crisis is affecting news corp.'s business. the deputy prime minister, nick clegg, called on rupert murdoch to back down on his deal to
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merge with a british tv network. clegg met with the parents of 13-year-old milly dowler. "news of the world" reporters hacked into the young girl's phone after she was murdered. the deputy prime minister did not mince his words, to ask them to look at how this happen and to back off the deal. two crew members of the u.s. space shuttle "atlantis" have a busy day ahead. removing a busted cooling pump from the international space station during the shuttle program's final space walk. yesterday the station's robotic arm transferred a bus-sized container of supplies that "atlantis" hauled up from earth. nasa says the "atlantis" crew will stay in space one day longer than planned to help put away the nearly five tons of food, clothes and household goods that will keep the station going for an entire year. here's a look at other news going on today.
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whether it's winter or summer, chicago manages to keep its windy city reputation intact. a violent storm slapped the city in nearby suburbs on monday, pounding morning commuters with heavy rain, downing trees and blowing out power to over 800,000 residents and businesses. there were no reports of storm-related deaths, thankfully. well it took just seconds for explosives to bring down one historic pennsylvania bridge. the decision to replace the 105-year-old span was made after routine inspections revealed structural damage. construction on a new bridge is scheduled to begin shortly. a florida alligator that thought it found the perfect neighborhood to get a little sun, had its sunbathing cut short by wildlife officials. residentsed as the seven-foot gator put up a struggle before tiring itself out. it was eventually removed and will be euthanized due to its size. and finally at a minor league game in washington, a routine play on a ground ball
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led to a major-league bench-clearing brawl. come on, guys, the melee was triggered after the player thrown out brushed against one of the opposing fielders. it took 15 minutes to restore order. several players were ejected. now for a look at your national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, good morning to you. grown men, might we add. >> yes. and new jersey housewives and the women, they never do stuff like this. >> that's unfortunate, we always love that. >> the extensions stayed in. get myself in trouble. good morning, lynn, the heat, it's summer, a lot of people have the opinion, well, it's summertime, it's supposed to be hot. this is ridiculous. right now, in louisville, kentucky, the heat index is 102, so if you walk outside at 5:00 a.m., it feels like 102. not even in the sun. i mean this is a really, really oppressive heat wave that is
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spreading to the eastern seaboard. southern new england is getting into the game today. and it's centered over the top of tennessee. the only relief is with the thunderstorms and some cooler air coming down into areas like chicago and detroit. during the day today. so here's the heat index. it's 101 right now in louisville. it feels like 84 in new york. it feels like 87 in raleigh. it's just so humid. the worst humidity by far is right here over areas of kentucky. it's not enjoyable this morning in st. louis, either, it feels like 95. these dew points, this measures the amount of moisture in the air, if you're above 70, it doesn't feel comfortable. it feels humid and sticky. 80, that's ridiculous, one of the highest dew points i've ever seen in this area. and 81 is off the charts as far as the amount of moisture in the air this morning in the ohio valley. for that reason, we have excessive heat warnings in effect for many areas from st. louis to louisville, down to memphis, heat advisories up the east coast. through all of the carolinas, including the georgia area, up through i-95 from d.c. to
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baltimore to new york. how hot will it be today? this is just the temperature. this isn't the heat index. the temperature will be about 95-100, pretty much everywhere in the east. many areas here of the deep south. when we talk in the humidity, a lot of areas will feel like 110. can you imagine in louisville, it's 102 when you walk to get your paper. >> i'm sorry for the folks there, hopefully they have a better day. nonweather-related. coming up, stocks stumble, big deals in the works. and a costly online business hiccup. your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. the sluggers swing for the fences and one player turns a home run derby into a family affair.
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weshl web welcome back to
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"first look." afghan president's hamid karzai's half-brother was shot and killed today in his own house by a friend. to critics, ahmad walid karzai had become a symbol of corruption within the karzai administration. supporters stormed the u.s. and french embassies in damascus, wednesday. this, as secretary of state, hillary clinton, said assad has lost legitimacy in the wake of the country's brutal crackdown on protesters. the justice department has issued new gun shop rules for the four southwestern border states requiring dealers to alert the federal government to frequent buyers of high-powered rifles. it's all part of an effort to stem the illicit flow of weapons into mexico. two people were gored this morning, on the sixth day of spain's famous running of the bulls in pamplona. officials say one person
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suffered a horn injury to the back. while another was hit in the shoulder. and a possible curve ball for the fan who caught derek jeter's 3,000th career hit and then graciously, surprisingly just threw the ball back to jeter. well "the new york times" reports christian lopez may have to pay tax on the value of his reward. which was four tickets to every yankees game for the rest of the season. no good deed goes unpunished. hopefully jeter is watching. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,505. the suspect suspect tumbled and the nasdaq sank 57. in tokyo, the nikkei dropped 143 points, while in hong kong, the hang seng lost a whopping 684. and stocks had their worst day in nearly a month on monday, as stalled budget talks in italy's
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growing debt problems sent investors running for cover. rattled by friday's job figures, even the hint of bank problems in italy, europe's third-biggest economy sent shivers through the street, the nasdaq tumbled 2%, the s&p 500 wiped out its gains for the entire month. wall street so-called fear index spiked more than 15%. financials were hit hard. citigroup dropped over 5%, bank of america lost more than 3. the euro fell below $1.40 for the first time since may, and hit a record low against the swiss franc. jittery investors flocked to bonds, the ten-year treasury yield fell below 3%. plagued by its phone-hacking scandal, news corp. dropped more than 7.5%, the most on the s&p. arch chemicals was a winner, shooting up almost 12%. its being bought by swiss drug maker lanza for $1.2 billion.
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international paper launched an unsolicited $3.3 billion bid for smaller rival, temple inland. after the bell, alcoa led off earnings, posting a big second quarter profit, thanks to soaring prices for aluminum. wall street will listen for fed chief, ben bernanke's testimony today, in the house. he's expected to push for a quick budget deal with no big spending cuts. and thanks to a glitch, an online shopping site in new zealand made customers very happy on monday. charging them only postage and handling for very pricey tvs and ipods. but unfortunately for those customers, the company is only offering cancellation for purchase at the proper price. coming up, golf's u.s. open for women goes into overtime. and baseball's home run derby goes for distance. plus something about the home run contest for new york yankee, robinson cano made it an extra-special affair. your "first look" at sports is
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welcome back to first look, i'm lynn berry. in sports, last night baseball held an event that's become almost as popular as the all-star game itself. the home run derby. here's nbc's mario soliz. >> hi there, good morning before tonight's mid summer classic, the sluggers took the field for the annual home run derby. to phoenix wore the red sox's
5:20 am
adrian gonzales made a big splash into the pool in right field. milwaukee's prince fielder was the king of distance. smashing this one-halfway to albuquerque, 474 feet. two feet longer than robinson cano's best. boston's david ortiz was captain of the a.l. team, he hit nine home runs, but fizzled in the second round. that set up a final between red sox versus yankees, gonzales versus cano. adrian hit a pool shot in the first round and another in the finals. check out the fan make the diving catch. he was all wet and it turns out gonzales was sunk. hit 11 homers, but that wasn't enough. robinson cano put on a show. dad would serve him up and his kid would belt them out. hit 12 home runs in six outs, finishing with a total of 32 home run, the yankees' robinson cano is your home run derby champion. the angels jared weaver will get the start for the a.l., phillies
5:21 am
ace, roy halladay will take the lead for the n.l. so yin yu wins it with a birdie on 18, a first major title for the 21-year-old south korean. the home run derby all about sluggers hitting the long ball. but for a moment, a kid with a glove stole the show. cano hit a moon shot for his final out of the first round. several ball boys were there to make the catch. but one of them -- came up big, diving grab, sign him up. cano may have the title, but that kid has a memory that will last for a lifetime. and that's your "first look" at sports, i'm mario solis. for another quick look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill kairns, he has your weather channel forecast. >> we were talking about bad hair days. >> we we? i know nothing about that. >> if humidity bothers you, today's not the day for you. try to stay in the ac, if you can. starting off your morning, driving to work you may need the
5:22 am
ac instead of the windows down. we're in the upper 70s just about everywhere right now. the warm spot is new york city at 79 to start your morning. obviously, if it's that warm and it's going to be sunny already, it's going to be a hot day. we're calling for about 96 in new york. philadelphia, 96, d.c., around 98. there's a chance around the d.c. area they could hit 100. there's a slight chance for a shower or storm late today. like a 20% chance. so most of you are going to remain dry. the best chance for thunderstorms will be in the midwest today. and this is the hottest day of the summer. today, i think coast to coast. i think this is it. >> pony tail day. that's how we refer to it. >> i've got to grow it out a little longer. >> that would be fantastic. coming up, scandal or no scandal, you can't keep arnold off the big screen. plus, pushed to do her duty for her country. actress mila kunis goes above and beyond.
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welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. last night on late night with jimmy fallon, jimmy highlighted the risk s we face if we defaul on the national debt. >> the u.s. is in serious danger of defaulting on our foreign loan loans, which explains why today china showed up and broke the statue of liberty's knees. seriously. i just saw this, a man was busted at jfk airport for smuggling six pounds of cocaine in his sneakers. yeah. that's right. his plan was hiding cocaine in his shoes, you know, those things thaw never, ever, have to
5:27 am
take off at the airport? get these over here, put these over here. hey, this is interesting -- schools in illinois are dropping the writing portions from their standardized tests. when asked why, a spokesman said we simple does not needs them. >> tonight jimmy welcomes actors seth green and musical guest nikka costa. it is time for your first look at entertainment news. two months after putting hollywood on hold in the wake of a damaging sex scandal, arnold schwarzenegger is ready to be back. reports say the former california governor is scheduled to start shooting a modern-day western, the "last stand" in september. the project's south korean director describes the film as a cross between "die hard" and
5:28 am
"high noon." ? what could become the closest possible realization of beatles reunion, england's the "sun" reports paul mccartney and ringo starr have been approached by olympic organizers to perform together at the london games along with family members of john lennon and george harrison. and finally, actress mila kunis has accepted sergeant scott moore's invitation to attend the marine corps ball in north carolina. apparently moore was stationed in afghanistan and posted a clip on youtube to go with him. she was encouraged by justin timberlake via twitter and kunis replied, i'll do it. and now millions of men everywhere are running to their computers. >> i just posted mine. >> who did you ask out -- jessica alba. >> i won't reveal it, you'll have to google it. >> i don't know if that is
5:29 am
service to our country. stay tuned, "way too early" is next. another day, another white house meeting in the slow-moving efforts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. with president obama asking both sides, if not now, when. the question is, what more can the president do to move republicans off their no taxes under any circumstances positions. and democrats from their, hands off medicare stance. meanwhile, a wild scene at the united states embassy in damascus, as mobs protest america's involvement in the syrian conflict. the question is, what exactly did secretary of state clinton mean when she said president assad is quote not indispensable. and new accusations of criminal hacking against two more of rupert murdoch's newspapers, inuding charges that a bank account belonging to former prime minister, gordon brown, was tapped into. the question is, what does all this mean to murdoch's empire? it's

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